Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lesson 23 Summary of 2.0

Now its time to incorporate the 2.0 lessons into work and life. I think back to the beginning, with the lifelong learning. Information technology changes, and, as a Librarian, I should keep up with the changes. The new tagging tools and Library Thing, Technorati,; it will take a little time for the stew to simmer. Lots of ingredients that create a flavorful soup of information and connectivity.
How will SJPL incorporate these tools? Will our next online catalog system allow users input? I know there's a place for reviews on the teens webpage, but how can links be provided from the catalog to the reviews? (The reviews to the catalog have a link.)
I am very appreciative of the VS Group. Thank you for finding the 23 Lessons and tailoring it to San Jose. I have learned many things, and your group has pointed the way to further knowledge.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Lesson 22 - ebooks

I have been familiar with ebooks for a few years. I have checked out a text version from our Library. The format keeps changing, with different audio platforms added. I would like to hear books in the public domain, (cheaper that way, at first) and then read the newer books from ebook sources. Project Gutenberg has the simple encoding, ASCII and our ebooks has Adobe PDF, which gives the pages a more realistic look. But Gutenberg has a nice searchable catalog, its the first and it has the top 100, too. I think this will take off even more when wireless becomes more common and laptops are light and portable. Then people can peruse books and return them, or potential copies, mirrors, can be duplicated as new readers dictate. I didn't notice tags on the Gutenberg site, but I would think Library Thing and would benefit from partnering with the Gutenberg project.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Podcasts Lesson 21

Finally getting a handle on podcasts. They are not streaming video or audio but they could be music. It seems like they consist of commentary, or lectures, or broadcasts. At first, "the Active X control" wouldn't work, but after searching through the tags directory, I found an official Chicago Cubs podcast: Actually, its their announcers. Here's a funny site with songs:

YouTube Lesson #20

I have checked out youtube before and watched a sad historical video, the last speech of Robert F. Kennedy. I hope they don't take that down, news reports suggest the major media companies won't let there material be posted anymore. I viewed a train video into Chicago with a trip up the Sears Tower. The Travel video section of YouTube is valuable for knowledge and experience. The tags help one locate videos. I see there are now videos from people all over the world in "Travel and Places".
I couldn't Yahoo videos to work. Bummer, I wanted to see "Bike Tricks",

Library Thing Lesson #19

Here is the link to Ned W.'s Library Thing page: I thought of some books I have read recently. What a great social invention for book readers. 200 books free is pretty big space for a beginning personal library. I enjoyed viewing the blog, which had their virtual picnic.
My books ranged from 15 to 3,187 shares. I found comments on the Pultizer Prize winning "Confederacy of Dunces". The Brian Wilson book is new so there weren't many shares yet.

my first zoho

I like this word processor.  I wonder if it could ever rival San Jose's own Adobe, but I guess they make forms and readers.  Let me look at the icons...103=1,000; ; the best  smile.      This fits rights in with wiki applications.  Now I'm going to upload to my blog

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sandbox Lesson #17

There is a youth services wiki that is very helpful. The Library 2.0 sandbox had lots of entries, and I liked the movie posters that people used to list there favorites. It reminds me of emoticons. Wikis can be used as a group drive, and can be changed updated, with a history to track what happens.